lovely soul

You are loved more than you’ll ever know by more people than you’ll ever meet. Hi, I'm Ashley. A retired branding designer, believer, and lover of life. I'm keeping this site open as a testimony of God's love and the beauty of life.

You are amazing! Look in the mirror and say it out loud. Believe it and live it. Whatever your way, share your unique light with the world.
I know God lives! I know we have a Heavenly Father who created us to be kind and couragous, and have joy. I know He loves us more than we can possibly comprehend. He knows us by name and wants us to be happy and make other's happy too. I believe we all lived in Heaven before we came to Earth and we will return there when we die. I believe our lives are so much bigger and more important than they feel. I believe in our Savior, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died to save us from our sins. I know the Holy Spirit is amoung us, prompting our hearts and guiding our feet. We are not alone. We are never forgotten. Regrdless of our choices and actions, we are always loved, no matter what.

You Are Of Great Worth

One of my favorite scriptures of all times is D&C 18:10: "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." Lovely, no matter what your current circumstances are, you are of great worth and you are so very loved. I feel it so strongly it’s almost tangible and if I do nothing else in this world I want to tell you that. You were made to have joy and you are loved. Of that I am certain.

xo, Ashley Stock